Streamlining Safety Compliance Procedures

Technological advancements in construction continue to shine through in this modern era. With an ability to utilize advanced technological systems and computer software programs to simplify processes, safety compliance procedures are proving to be the next hot topic.

Researchers at Monash University have recently developed an Australian-first technological system capable of streamlining the “safety, productivity and quality monitoring procedures on construction sites”. Capable of instantaneously processing millions of images, generating synthetic renderings of machinery and providing detailed information on key physical and operational features of plant, this breakthrough technology may prove to be both cost effective and reliable, through its ability to:

  • Automate systematic processes which are currently labour
  • Utilise and analyse images without the need of a machine-fitted
  • Form renderings of the surrounding working environments to assist plant operators

Currently in the process of being patented, this innovative software has a very real-world application and is likely to not only yield a safer working environment, but also shortened project run times.