Arcon Civil partners with Wyndham City Council

Labelled as one of the fastest growing municipalities in Victoria – with its population soaring by almost 4.6% year-on-year alone – it comes as no surprise that Wyndham City Council (WCC) seek to continually develop and improve its infrastructure, in an effort to both accommodate its growing number of residents and ensure long-term, generational sustainability.

One such example of this sentiment is the Overton Road / Altair Street Shared User Path project proposed by WCC. As locals of Williams Landing may very well know, the walk (or bicycle ride) from Overton Road to Williams Landing Train Station on Altair Street was a previously tedious affair. It required residents to loop around an entire block to reach the train station – further increasing commute times.

It had therefore been proposed to construct a footpath directly connecting Overton Road and Altair Street – a project for which Arcon Civil was at the helm, as Principal Contractor. In order to deliver a final product befitting of the Wyndham community. Arcon Civil implemented a quality-first approach throughout each of the construction phases – which included Earthworks, Drainage Works and Concrete Works – and subsequently resulted in completion of the 280m long footpath ahead of schedule and within our client’s budget.